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New mini (nano) Deluxe Memory Man


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Big Box runs on -15V. Regulated down from the unregulated 24V adapter that puts out 30-ish volts unloaded.
In this nano 9V will probably be stepped up to 15V.

As for modulation:
The big box and XO version switch between 2 capacitors (2.2µF and 470nF) in the LFO giving a slower 1Hz frequency for chorus and a faster 4,3Hz for vibrato.
Instead of switching between capacitors you can also vary the resistance (910k) on the inverting input of the second opamp of the LFO. Around 200k will give you 4,3Hz and 910k gives 1kHz.
Rate pot at minimum is chorus and at maximum vibrato.
I personally don't see a need for the inbetween settings. The chorus will be too fast and the vibrato too slow.

Believe it or not but the Memory Toy is the same circuit as the Memory Man, only adapted for those 'crappy' 3205 bbd chips. Some controls are left out and set at a fixed value internally.
This is key. The BBD chips don’t run at 24v, the focus on that is weird for the perspective of the final sound.

No matter what the circuit is different parts in the circuit require different voltages and those are achieved either with dividers or stepping up via something like a charge pump.

The input from the power supply probably shouldn’t be emphasized so much. It’s more like there’s some other factors in different versions of the circuits or pedal to pedal variation.
Because I'm bored, I extracted the audio from the comparison section of the video, put a touch more time in between them and looped it 4 times.

As per the video - it's XO first followed by the Nano.

I'm no audio expert, but looking in my DAW the waveforms are slightly different, but I assume that's to be expected between 2 different pedals?

Great comparison. It's funny, listening to them blind, I like the Nano more. There is some difference between the two, but not much to be a game changer.


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As a delay junkie, I will own this.
But I’ll wait until it hits the used market.
I’ve already purchased 6 other delays this year and I’m still honeymooning with some of them.


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I was about to purchase an XO (in the cart, discount from the seller) when this showed up. If I don't care about size or plug type, why would I want the nano?


If I don't care about size or plug type, why would I want the nano?
- tails (vs repeats that stop the moment you hit the bypass foot switch)
- 1M Ohm input impedance (vs 100k Ohm input impedance)
- modulation rate control (vs choice between two fixed rates: chorus and vibrato)
- daisy chaining to other +9V pedals (vs separate, reverse polarity -24V adapter)
- 550 to 600ms of delay time (vs 410ms) [see reply #157]
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I asked EHX about it today on their forum.
Doing the math based on component values in the factory schematic (which matches my actual pedals), the maximum delay time is 409,6ms. This is also what I measure and what most people report:
Its false advertising really. I dont know in which situation "tolerances" would cause 37.5% difference, so i still dont understand why its advertised as 550ms.must be very rare to have the one that is! I cant say i understand this circuit but i know components that have 10 or 5% might be more common.
But the xVive memory analogue is its actual 550ms, not that its vaguely like the DMM at all. No other delay puts longer times than it has in the spec?!

Well I'll be damned if my track is slower than 150bpm and want crotchets. I think sound is a classic for non-rhythmic though, the modulated wash or echoey slapback, and the first repeat being clear then following very dark is unique and i havent heard it replicated well. The size and power justifies sticking it in a pedalboard full of multi- delays and reverbs a bit more.


EHX look like they're responding to posts on this page:

"It is fully analog, just like the original. It's effectively the same circuit as the OG Deluxe Memory Man but with added buffering, Tails Mode, and both Rate and Depth controls for modulation."

I don't believe it!

Like how did they get the same sound from a bigger box into a smaller box?

Be smart, don't get fooled!

EHX are lying!

This is without any doubt going to sound smaller than the big box version!

It's basic physics!

Try it yourself, talk into a small box, then a bigger box, the smaller box will not be able to contain all the sound from your voice and therefor sound smaller, the big box will be able to contain more of the sound from your voice and therefor sound bigger.
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