Sold New Musikraft Tele Neck - Roasted Birdseye Maple, SS Frets, Shaller Mini Locking Tuners Included


Hey all!

I am only selling this neck because there is a delay in my guitar body being completed. The neck is absolutely amazing and is in mint condition... I am just taking this delay opportunity to see if I can sell this neck only to order the exact same one, just with an even fatter profile! Notwithstanding, the Chunky D is already a great, fat profile... I just have big hands.

It has been mounted only once (to find out that the body was designed with a defect) and then removed. It has never been strung and a nut has never been cut for it. A decal has never been placed on the headstock either. The only change from brand new is the installation of Shaller Mini Locking Tuners.

I paid $489 to have the neck made. I will sell if for $450 WITH the Shaller Mini Locking Tuners. You essentially get a new neck without the build time plus $100 tuners. Basically it's $600 worth of components for $450!

Here are the specs:

ORIENTATION: Right for Right Handed Players
HEAD SHAPE: Standard Vintage Tele
SCALE LENGTH: 25.5 Standard Fender
NUT WIDTH: 1.650
HEEL WIDTH: 2-3/16 Standard Fender
TUNER HOLE SIZE: 10 MM (Gotoh/Shaller/Sperzel)
TRUSS ROD TYPE: Dual Acting with Vintage Double Slotted Adjustment Nut at the Heel 1/4 Wide Skunk Stripe
FB RADIUS: Compound 9-1/2 to 12
NUT SLOT STYLE: 1/8 Standard Fender Flat Bottom
SHAFT WOOD: Birdseye Maple Select 3A
TOP DOTS: Black Plastic
SIDE DOTS: Black 2mm
12TH DOT SPACING: Wide (Vintage Pre 64)
FRET WIRE SIZE: 6150 Stainless Steel
FB EDGES: Semi Rolled Standard
BACK PROFILE: Chunky D 90 10
FINISH: As Selected from the Finish Menu
MOUNTING HOLES: Drill Holes Standard Fender Pattern
NUT INSTALLATION: Do Not install a Nut

Guitar Neck Finish
Finish Type: Aged Oil

Neck Roasting Option
Color: Medium

Order Total to Pay: $489.00

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