New neck: do you preload truss rod?


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For the experienced builders out there:

I have a new USACG Tele neck that I will be installing in the near future.

The truss rod is loosened off currently and it is pretty much dead straight.

I have the heel adjustment for the truss rod, SO, I am going to be running 9's on the guitar: How much prelaod should I put on the trussrod?



Yes but only a quarter turn on something like you describe. Hopefully it will prove stable with a little tension.

dewey decibel

That's easily the most tedious part of setting up a guitar with the truss adjust at the heel. If you're setting up a guitar that'd already been strung up then it's easier to make a guess, but you never know and it's common to have to take the neck back off 3 or 4 times to get it right. Might be the biggest reason I don't miss working in a guitar repair shop...

BTW I think it's a good idea to remove a little section in the neck pocket so you can adjust the truss rod without removing the neck. I feel like they did this back in the day with Telecasters (but maybe for a different reason). But you'll still need to notch the pickguard, a dremel is OK for that.


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