New Neil Young and Crazy Horse single


Neil Young and Crazy Horse fans, your nearly decade-long wait for new material is finally over. Here is the premiere of their video for "Walk Like a Giant." No member of the band actually appears in this video. Instead, it's footage of giants of history (real and imagined) like Bigfoot, Albert Einstein and the Atomic bomb. The song is over 16 minutes on the album, but they've shaved it down to under five for the video. It's one of six new songs that Neil Young and Crazy Horse debuted last month on tour. The album hits shelves on October 30th. It's just eight songs long, but some of them are so long it's a double album. The tour resumes in early October and runs through December.

F-Yeah! I've been waiting almost 10 years for another kick ass NY&CH album, and I suspect it may be arriving soon.
The 'Psychedelic Pill' tracklisting is:

'Driftin' Back'
'Psychedelic Pill'
'Ramada Inn'
'Born In Ontario'
'Twisted Road'
'She's Always Dancing'
'For The Love Of Man'
'Walk Like A Giant'


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Hopefully this break that 33 year drought of vital NY&CH albums. I'm hopeful.

Mr. Kite

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I don't recall hearing whistling in a Neil Young song before, I hope they don't whistle in every song on he new album.


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Sleeps with Angels is possibly the best Neil Young album!

Looking forward to this one. I think Neil has at least one more all time classic, "this is how its done", no excuses album in him


I saw this live at Red Rocks this summer, and I swear they must've had someone watching for the moon rise behind the stage because the big drum hits at the end of the live version of this song began when the full moon first peeked over the horizon and didn't stop until the moon had fully risen. Very surreal.

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