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New OD Suggestions


Hey yall,

I am looking for one more (for now :) OD to add to my board or switch out now and then. I have enough Marshall stuff covered with BOR and OCD. I am looking for something that cuts through the mix like my FD2 but maybe a different coloration. I love my Zendrive but would like to compliment it with something that is less smokey. So here is the criteria list. Any suggestions are helpful! Thanks in advance, this place offers a wealth of information.

  • Not looking for transparent at all. I want color that cuts like the FD2 but less smokey than Zen. Different from either.
  • Some compression would be helpfull
  • Small foot print prefered. Large pedals bust be dual with a boost or something to justify the space.
  • Tight low end.
  • No marshall tonez
  • Med gain at least. High gain is a plus
  • Works with singles but mainly for HB
  • Alt Rock/Worship styles
  • Egnater Rebel 20 and Epiphone Blues Custom 30 amps


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Some that I like are med gain/ Timmy, Signa Drive, Mojo Drive, Eternity. Higher gain/ Brownie, Chupacabra, Wampler`s offerings Super Plextortion/ Pinnacle/Ecstasy



Eternity and Chupacabra are on my radar. Can you compare to FD2 or zen? What do they do different?

Anyone else?


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Etrnity is closer to the Zen camp, Chupacabra is way heavier distortion like a refined Rat pedal. Both are totally different and great!


Eternity covers a lot of what you ask for: Medium gain, wonderfully colored tone, tight (but lean) bass, forward mids, nice presence, great dynamics, very REAL sounding..... you can tell it has roots in the TS camp but it's much richer and melds into your guitar/amp tone more gracefully, it's a great lead booster into other dirt boxes , too. I have owned several FD's in the past, they always showed their TS/SD-1 roots a bit too much and I wound up selling them off.

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