New (old) Amp Day

Worked out a trade with my local guitar store for some gear and this is the amp I came away with.
My first vintage amp. This thing is amazing. Picked it up yesterday and went straight to church to play for a youth meeting. I really had no idea what to do with it so I simply turned everything up :)
With a Strat, Timmy, and Keeley TS9 it sounded killer.
Can't wait to spend some time with it. Need to figure out how the eq interacts with the volume etc.
Quick question. Does/Has anyone run the Vibro into a 2x12 extension? The original 2x10's sound really good, I just wonder what a 2x12 could bring.
Oh it's a '78.




Never thought I'd see the day when a CBS Fender silverface would be called "vintage". Everybody turned their noses up at those things for years. Figured if you were so poor you had to drive a Fender, the least you could do was find a pre-CBS blackface <grin>

But, times change. Clearly, the silverfaces weren't the abominations everyone thought they were back then.

That unit will drive a 212 bottom nicely, and you'll probably like it better. Most 212 extension cabs are sealed, which helps them a lot. At least, to my ear.

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