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New Original:January Song


[FONT=Verdana, Arial]I posted this over at fdp and I included a link to the first rehearsal of this electric

I been writing som emore and did this yesterday dont know hwat its about but I like the images heres the lyrics

I put a link to the elctric version at the bottom also

[/FONT]http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7345622[FONT=Verdana, Arial]

I�m a wasted Politician, a servant to my master
I been slow,, I coulda been clean
Shirtless bootleg beggar, no longer undercover
I been lost, but now zi�ve seen
I been thrown down from my Chariot
I been raped and I been sold
Fifty years of living thru all my contradictions
Weep just like a baby while my bodies getting old
I�m railing on the wheels of my rejection
Burn to fuel my madness , I been drinking gasoline
Lookin for salvation on the seven bridges road
Its gets so dark in January, and I �ve never been so cold

But I have Loved
And I have Grown
Had my resurrection when they cut me to the bone
What Ive seen
And How I feel
Long time coming but they�ve never been so real

Saddle up the mule I�m heading down to the station
Don�t shed a tear before I leave
Feel just like a satellite
Tryin to find my way tonite thru
Diamonds ,Dust , and Dreams
I been trampled by the hit parade
Wont be long till I am gone
Move along the mission
Tell my friends I�m comin\
Gonna take up my position
And I�m gonna carry on
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