New pedal board layout help!

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  1. rockguitar2000

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    Sep 2, 2011
    My new Pedal Train Jr. just arrived, and I've started playing with pedal layout. Will be powered by my Voodoo Labs PP2 underneath. Suggestions for pedal order?

    In front of the amp will be Line6 G50, Digitech Drop, Tuner, Wah.

    Effect Loop will have the Line6 Echo Park and MXR Chorus.

    I am not sure where to put the EQ, my thought is to use this as a solo level boost. Would that be in front or in the loop?

  2. hwatsky

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    Jun 22, 2014
    First, I feel it's always a good idea to say the classic advise, "it's all a matter of trying all the combinations and seeing what sounds best to YOU."

    With that out of the way, this is how I PERSONALLY would likely order them:

    Tuner --> Drop --> Wah --> Line 6. Here's my logic: Tuner should go first because you always want the most pure, unaffected signal to go into it, allowing you to most accurately tune the instrument. And PLAYING A GUITAR THAT IS IN TUNE IS ALWAYS STEP 1! Next, I'd experiment with ordering the Drop --> Wah or Wah --> Drop, but I think pitch shifters should also get the cleanest possible signal going into them. You pretty much HAVE to put the Line 6 last if you want it to transmit a signal that contains any of the other pedals).


    I'd probably go EQ --> Chorus --> Echo. Delays/reverbs usually sound (to my ears, at least) the best at the end of a chain, since you typically want to add the decay to the effected signal, as opposed to adding the effect to the decay.

    If you're using the EQ solely as a volume bump, it needs to go into the effects loop. If you were to put the EQ before the amp, then you'd be changing the amount of saturation more than changing the actual volume level.

    Try out all the orders and combinations until it sounds best. But this should give you an idea of the most commonly used order, in my opinion.

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