New Pedal Day! Homebrew UFO Fuzz Octave..CLIP INSIDE

Been jonesing for a good Octave Fuzz and just picked this guy up off craigslist. I tried a few out beforehand, the octavio and proctavia were ok, but didn't quite have the proper mojo. The Fulltone Octafuzz was close, but me being lazy just didn't like the whole center pole positive thing. (lazy, i know!)

After seeing a few videos and hearing some good things about the HBE UFO i said screw it and picked it up and am loving it so far. Twin pedal is a huge plus, basically set up like a Fulltone Ultimate Octave (similar circuits too I believe).

The regular fuzz is so so, tons of better fuzz boxes out there for just fuzz, but the octave is amazing. Really angry and unpredictable but still musical and sweet to the ears. Reacts really well with the volume knob and basically sounds like you would expect a fantastic octave fuzz to sound. I recorded a quick cover of Scumbag Blues by Them Crooked Vultures to show off some of it's tones. Check it out.

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That sounds great! It does sound very similar to the Ultimate Octave, and nothing at all like the French Toast I have now. Very nice, congrats.

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