New pickup day! Bare Knuckle - mother's milk

I've got my first american deluxe strat last year and I remebered that a luthier tolf me to switch pickups. He hated noiseless pickups and said that they were killing the tone. After a year, I had to agree that I had not a strat thats sound "startty" at all.

So I decided to switch for s bare knuckle set. They had these in my favorite store so it was easy to find. The pickups were made to my actual needs. Its a 3 single coil set, rwrp polarity, vintage staggered magnet and cream color. I choosed the mother's milk because of my rosewood fretboard and swamp ash body. Bare knuckles gives lots of info on how to choose the right pickups for your guitar. I also added a 0,22 bare knuckles oil capacitor. The whole deal!

First, the noise is there. Of course! It's true vintage single coil. The difference? Way more present and alive. Night and day for me...Now I have a real start. The pickups are well balanced and have more power IMO. Before, my bridge pickup was weak and thin. It now has less output but it's way more usable. Position 2 and 4 and now true strat, snappy and clear.

It's a good move for me. The fender noiseless are great for some needs...but definstly losing the true strat tone.

Frosted Glass

I replaced the stock pickups in a 2010(?) Am. Std. (the year before they switched to CS pickups) with a set of Bareknuckle Sultans and am very happy with the tone. I was on the fence about a set of their Apaches but since I already had a HB guitar I decided to go with the Sultans for something a bit thinner and cleaner for contrast. Even so, the Sultans were noticeable smoother and more balanced than the stock pickups. I got a nickle baseplate for the bridge pup which was well worth it, but I had cycled through 10 or so strats at the store looking for the one with the best bridge tone, so the bridge hadn't been lacking before. Funny thing was the strat with the best bridge tone ended up being a maple/ash. It did not have the best neck tone, but in the end I decided the neck was sufficient, whereas the strat with the best neck tone (rosewood/alder) had a very tinny, basically unusable, bridge.

I've never been bothered about noise at all, and I left the pups in their "testing install" where I really made no effort with the wiring.

One day I'll pick up a Tele or another Strat and I'm sure I'll be heading straight to Bareknuckles.


I have a 2010 American Standard strat and the pickups are way to imbalanced. Many people would call that stratty, but it's just not for me. When I get some cash together, I'll replace them with some that have a better string balance, most likely Lollar Blackfaces but would consider BKPs '63 Veneer board or maybe even the hotter Irish tours and also some Suhrs probably the V60LP as well.

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