New product announcement! BDI-A passive direct box and mute pedal for pure tone!


Bass players attention!
This is the brand new BDI-A passive direct box and mute pedal.
Designed to make the signal path as short as possible between instrument and amplifier.
Equipped with high quality smooth and transparent sounding Amplimo transformer for pure tone!


-Balance output: Neutrik male XLR (in-active when muted)
-Tuner output; (active when muted)
-THRU; output (in-active when muted)
-Neutrik ¼" Jack sockets
-Neutrik XRL socket
-Battery powered (only for the LED when muted)
-True bypass
-Transformer ratio: 1 : 15
-Enclosure: Heavy duty die cast aluminum
-Circuit board: Point-to-point circuit boards.

There will be 3 versions of the BDI:
BDI-A: with Amplimo transformer;
BDI-S: with Sowter transfomer; (soon in production)
BDI-L: with Lundalh transfomer; (soon in production)

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