New PRS HX amps (hendrix sig)


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Just like the prs stack he used at Woodstock. I'm Hendrix is finally being recognized by prs. Took them long enough. He's clearly been their most iconic user since the 60s.
I don’t think PRS is trying to say that. They’re just copying the sound of his amp. Other companies have been doing this for several years, no reason why PRS can’t give it a shot. If Hendrix were alive now and playing I would bet you he would probably be interested in PRS. He was all about looking forward rather than looking back.

Jay Strange

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Any of y'all play the PRS Mayer amp?
I had one for a few days and was dumbfounded.
Like um.., how much $$$ was this?
There's 3 hands in the fire!!
That drive channel, WTF?
Woman tone 24/7...
Loved the feel but found it lacking in headroom
for 100 watts??
Even using pedals to bust it up..there's that woman tone again.
I love the ole' woman tone but not 24/7.
I don't trust PRS.
Too much of a Fargo car salesman and I
find him extremely annoying.
Like shut up man.
I bet the 100 watt Tremonti amp will be killer tho', however; I can chunk with Jason, Freddy, MIchael Myers & Trump with the G3 pedal or the Fredman Deluxe pedal.
Leave those two pump chumps back at standby.


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Yeah, Jimi was all about colour
And PRS amps are the opposite of that, going for that sophisticated look.
Guess they know their market better.

P.S: They actually went to the museum and studied the Hendrix amp
My comment has nothing to do with Jimi’s aesthetic. They consistently make ugly-ass amps. That sig logo with all the black plastic blobs is terrible on all their amps.


not into that Hendrix thing myself, but apparently some posters here have never had the stunning experience of rockin' a 25th Anniversary, or HX/DA stack with a loud band ... :dude:banana:dude
some of the best Marshalls ever, and that includes Germino, Metro, Suhr & Co, and goes way beyond Friedman's metalized versions ! :bow
Doug's a true genius, and the joke with that J-Mod is on Mayer('s multi-amp rig), not on Doug or PRS. :dunno

ime, ymmv,