New PRS Mark Lettieri Signature Fiore!


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Just saw this was announced through the PRS live event they did tonight. I’ve always loved Mark’s playing and this guitar seems to be a continuation of the work PRS did to create the Silver Sky.

2-point trem
25.5 scale
Swamp Ash Body

Very cool.
What’d y’all think?


It might be the lack of a pickguard, but the body looks really large to me. I wonder if it’s the same size as a strat or silver sky?


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Curious if there's any indication of price. Did a search, hadn't found anything. Maybe will be announced later.

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I can’t find any info on the nut width or fretboard radius.

Curious if there's any indication of price. Did a search, hadn't found anything. Maybe will be announced later.

Yeah I checked all over from company website to press releases and nothing on price, or nut width and fingerboard radius.

Being coveted hard to get swamp ash and a nitro paint job I'm sure it's pushing $2,700-$3,000!



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IMHO the looks of this guitar is a significant letdown. The Silver Sky, although derivative of the Strat, still had a lot of unique features that gave it a unique vibe, and the special finishes really set it off. But the new HSS looks too plain to be a PRS; plain colors with no wood grain or pickguard? PRS can do better than that.

And I'd say 4 words to Paul on these guitars and the Silver Sky: roasted flame maple neck. Just do it. I've gotten to the point that plain maple necks with maple fingerboards are almost an eyesore, too glaringly bright. Perhaps a roasted maple fingerboard with bright metal or MOP bird outlines would look sweet.

I wonder what Paul thinks of roasted woods.


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Depending on the nut width and fretboard radius, I may become a Fiore owner this year.

Also stoked to see the special semi hollow become a core model, and the return of the Studio! IMHO, the two best PRS of the past decade.


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From a lineup perspective, it fills a big niche somewhere between a Ce24 and a Silver Sky. It also covers the bases for people wanting a hss Silver Sky or the regular PRS headstock. The looks are polarizing to some, but to me it evokes their lineage of bolt neck guitars, like the DC3 and the EG series. Mark has been known to play a lot of different guitars, but his Grosh has always been his main guitar, but now he got PRS to put together a signature model that can be that bread and butter for him. I do not usually get excited about new guitar releases, but this one has my attention.

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