New recording of old song


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This is an original song of mine originally recorded in the 90's with a band I was playing with. I was never happy with the end result since the band sounded so much better live than the recorded version. The original singer had a really powerful voice so that's in the back of my mind -- but I'm giving it my best.

FWIW, I play all the parts and sing (drums are EZ Drums with some midi drums I tapped in). This is the first recording on my Presonus Firestudio mobile using mics for acoustic guitar and vocal. I used an AKG 3000B in an untreated room (I'm working on it)! Electric guitar and bass were plugged in direct (no amps) I just wanted to try it out ... the "amps" are Ampire software plugins. I'll probably come back and redo it again, but for now "it is what it is".




Cool! I liked that song. I can see that the song would move to the next level with a really powerful singer, but what you did here is still of a high standard.

Nice groove to that song, and the guitars fills were not too overpowering which I also liked. Congrats!

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