New recording setup - questions (can't get monitors to play back)


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Hi all, Merry Late Christmas!

I just bought an M-Audio Fast Track Pro and a set of Rokit powered 6 monitors that I'm using with a MacBook and GarageBand. I've made a few decent recordings, but I still don't know what I'm doing! For the first half of the day, everything was going smoothly and sounded great. I made a recording, played it back (through the monitors), made a few cuts and corrections, and was happy with it. That was with an electric straight into the M-Audio interface.

Then I did some acoustic recording with a mic. No major problems there either, except I really couldn't get the same volume as I was able to with the electric.

Finally, I switched back to the electric, and now I CANNOT get anything I record to playback through the monitors - only through the computer speakers. Any ideas what I've done? I can press "monitor on" on the back of the amp model that I'm currently using, but I instantly get feedback - but only through the computer speakers, not the monitors at all. The monitors are still playing the live signal fine though.

Any help for a truly lost newbie would be greatly appreciated!

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