New Revelator - Telecaster with a Jazzmaster Soul

Just received in my Revelator Retrosonic. It has a McNelly Jazzmaster pickup in the neck and a Lollar J street in the bridge. The wiring utilises a 5 way switch - so the standard neck, both, bridge; but also out of phase and jazzmaster circuit.

Crazy versatile. Crazy beautiful.


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Freaking AWESOMENESS! Congrats on a ridiculously cool looking guitar. I bet it sounds great.


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Wowza! I think I saw that one on Instagram earlier this week... super cool vibe and an absolutely gorgeous guitar. Congrats!
This is a beautiful guitar and I bet it sounds awesome. I owned an early-60s style Revelator Tele about ten years ago, and it's the only guitar I've ever regretted selling. (Among many other things, I really miss how that guitar smelled.)

I am looking into having a new one built for me soon since I miss having a good Tele in my life, and Revelator has got to be the best value in relic-style guitars, especially considering that they apparently now make their bodies and necks themselves. It's a shame they don't get discussed anywhere near as much as Danocaster etc. (probably because something like one or two very noisy people had a bad experience a decade ago.)

Seems like Eric has others helping with the business side of things these days, so I expect it'll be a smooth process. I don't mind waiting and it's no big deal if it takes a month or two longer than expected.

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