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New! Schecter Traditional Van Nuys


Silver Supporting Member

Ash body
Roasted maple neck/fingerboard
14” radius, 22 XJ frets
Thin C (.787” at 1st fret)
Locking tuners
Tusq nut
2-pt trem w push in arm
Schecter USA pickups (Monstertone sc’s and a SuperRock Vintage hb)

I’ve got 2 Nick Johnston sigs and this has the same neck, the profile is perfect for me.
Schecter USA pickups are highly regarded, I have them in 3 guitars are all sound fantastic.

Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!


Silver Supporting Member
Nice. Schecter guitars are a lot of value for the money. I owned an NVIII, made for the Japanese market only, but a few are over here. I bought one off of reverb a while back, and it is a fantastic guitar. I sold it cuz I got offered more than I had in it, by quite a bit, so I let it go. I'm still looking for the right one to buy, again.

I can't wait to play one of these.



Silver Supporting Member
Schecter is making lots of cool guitars, but those thin necks :(
I was in a GC a few months back, and someone was playing a Schecter shredder of some sort, CLEAN, mind you, and it sounded fantastic. When they were done, I went and grabbed it, and plugged in, and yes, it sounded great, and was really well-built - but my hand was cramping within minutes. Thin neck + narrow nut = no worky for me :(


Hoping they make a 24 fret version as well just to have more options in the traditional 24 fret realm.
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Silver Supporting Member
They have slightly fatter profiles in the US made PTs and such, but they I'm not aware of any that are "chunky."

Cool guitar, a lot to like especially at that price!


Schecter has been around so long and yet I somehow still feel that I'm ahead of the curve on this one. These guitars are so good that I would think they'd just have to become more popular. It takes a good deal to separate me from my cash these days and Schecter Diamond Series did it. My NJ is at least as good as my US Hamer Daytona.

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