New SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger


Looks interesting, like a lot of their stuff. Kudos to SolidGoldFx for the creative stuff they're coming up with. I got their Lysis pedal, and its a very inspiring pedal that sends me down the experimental rabbit hole every time I turn it on. Could also be getting this as well, based on the sounds and features I see in these videos.

Has some really cool features, like a 'Degrade' switch to add a bit-crushing lo-fi quality to the flange, a switch for different wave forms (triangle, bell and saw-tooth), three different flavors of flange (zero-through, bi-flange and quad flange.), expression control, a blend knob....very cool features that I personally find interesting...

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I bought the F13 Neo recently. I wonder how the Oblivion compares to it. I have the Apollo II phaser by Solidgoldfx and love it.

KNOBs is such an interesting channel.


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Any new reports to add?

I’m very interested in getting this pedal. Actually, even after all these years, my first proper flanger. I was looking hard at the Thorpy, but the demos don’t do what the Oblivion does for me? You gotta trust your ears! But is the Oblivion as quality as it sounds?

It does have a lot of bloody knobs!


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I'm wondering how this compares to some of the digital programming that can be loaded into the Source Audio modulator pedals.

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Not really helpful, BUT: As a rule, I think SGFX stuff is excellent and, slightly more on topic, the Apollo phaser (discontinued?!) was awesome, so I think they know modulation. -E


I had one for a few months. I sold it though, not because I didn't like it but because I needed funds to purchase a dream guitar from the UK before the Brexit would make the taxes raise.

I'm considering getting another one in the future, if I can find a used one.

What I liked about it :

- all controls are pretty effective, so you can dial a lot of different sounds.
- the waveforms options
- the degrade mode that sounds really musical most of the time, and allows for creative options.
- the blend control
- The bi-flange mode

What I didn't like so much

- The TZF mode : probably nothing wrong with it, but I'm not a fan of TZF in general
- For classic flanger sounds, you don't get the warmth and depth of an A/DA, for instance
- the quad-flange mode is a bit over the top for my taste, but if you like modulation, you'll feel at home. I used it a bit, but keeping the blend control in the lower range. In degrade mode, the quad-flange worked well for me, but I found the bi-flange more musical.

All that said, I'm not an intensive flanger user, so for my needs, that pedal can do a lot : convincing enough classic flanger sounds (though as I've already noted, there are better pedals for that), and plenty of more experimental sounds, which is where this pedal really shines.

Hope it helps.

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