New Song: Patagonia doesn't work for me

My second foray into original lyrical music. Totally burned out on post-rock. This seems easier at the moment. I kept having to push the boundaries of instrumental rock to keep it interesting to people other than myself. Enjoy! The Walrus Julia sounds like water. I love it. The Wilde micro coils are heavenly too!

warmoth maple jazzmaster - Wilde Alnico Microcoils
Bogner Harlow
Skreddy DME
Walrus 385
EQD Monarch
Walrus Julia
Skreddy Echo
Mr. Black Eterna
Dr. Z - Carmen Ghia
Jesus 4x10 - THD Ceramic - Sennheiser MD441
Kustom 1x15 - EV SRO15 - Placid Resonator B
Warm Audio WA-12's. CAD CGM2 comp.
Valhalla Vintage Verb, Valhalla Modulator, Focusrite Red comp, Focusrite Red EQ, Molot Comp, Tokyo Dawn Nova, Tokyo Dawn slick EQ, Tokyo Dawn Kotelnikov.
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