New speakers!


I purchased a set of Eminent Technology LFT -8B's, I am Impressed with the 3d sound field, there still new, I'm told they will get better with age. Not to hard to set up, took about a hour of moving around. And sitting in the sweet spot..Mama mia! I have Tidal premium music service, and there is some of the best recorded music I have ever heard. Now I'm a real audiophile..almost.

The Jaywalker

I recently sold my Altec 19's and now all I have is older PA stuff but, I do have funds in my war chest for double bass lessons. The McIntosh MC60 will be next to go but, not yet. Cleaning house a bit!

john weires

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Back in the 90's I was a dealer for ET. Bruce Thigpen is a very bright guy who thinks outside the box.
His rotary infra subwoofer is a great example of this. It reproduces bass down to 6-8hz, or something like that.
You don't hear it but you sense it! Anyhow congratulations and don't skimp on the electronics to drive them.
They are very transparent and sensitive to everything in the chain before them. Happy listening.