New Spring, Plate and WET 2 Algorithms in Pedal Customizer 2.3.0 + More...


Pedal Customizer 2.3.0 has launched with four awesome new effects. Pedal Customizer is FREE software that works with ANY Stereo Pedal from Neunaber Audio Effects.

Here's a quick review of what's new!


All the bouncy drip of a real spring pan. Time to brush up on your surf guitar licks. Chirp!

Studio Plate

A very nice plate-style reverb that's more musical than a typical plate. Adjustable pre-delay and modulation via Virtual Trim Pots. Yummy.

Wet 2?

Help us name our new flagship reverb! Increased density and spaciousness as compared to the Wet. Adjustable pre-delay and modulation via Virtual Trim Pots.

Also included in the update is a fresh Seraphim Shimmer 2.1 algorithm with even more options to play with, and a new Echelon Echo algorithm that's our take on a classic tape delay, with dynamic high-frequency saturation.


I have been playing the new plate reverb and it is very good! It's so warm and really fits nicely with the guitar tone... Sounds so natural!

I also played with the spring reverb and it's wonderful as well... I am amazed at how nuenaber gets studio quality sounds in that little stomp box... Great product!!!! Makes me want to play all day...

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