New Springsteen:ish single released, "UPTOWN MORNING"


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Hi guys, long time no see!

Finally I closed the book on my new tune... Uptown Morning

I wrote the lyrics in spring 2008, did the first sketch/recording in summer 2008. Started recording in August...

Anders Fogelqvist (sweden) played the piano and hammond in autumn 2008. And after the mix was "done" I almost closed the book, but despite putting out ads for a saxophone player I ran into problems with getting someone willing to play the sax tracks.

The whole project came to a break at this point and nothing happened before spring 2009 when Mike Potter (US) contacted me and wanted to record the sax parts. We started working on that over email without a schedule and during the summer months we agreed on a nice solo that he recorded. We we're about to continue with the rhythm parts but Potter had other work and family related stuff that made me press the pause button again.

After a month or two, now autumn, Martin Rost (sweden) had found an old ad I had put up about needing a sax player for the track, he emailed me and wanted to record the backing sax parts. So off the project goes again and Martin records the final sax parts.

Then Mike Potter contacted me again and wanted to finish what he started and record backing sax as well.

So in the end the track ended up with dual saxophone backings by Mike Potter and Martin Rost, a sax solo by Mike Potter, piano and hammond by Anders Fogelqvist and the rest by me.

When I had all tracks together it was almost a year since I had mixed the tune and a lot had changed. My experience in mixing had improved I had started working in a professional studio. So I bounced the tracks as group and did the final summing and level adjustment on the SSL G8000 console at work. This made a huge improvement to the overall mix that so far was only mixed in the box with plugins.

For mastering I used a combination of Fairman tube mastering compressor and tube eq along with some top of the line digital plugins from Flux. I went for a not too squashed final mastering, level-wise along the lines of the digitally remastered edition of the Born to Run record, the record that initially was the source of inspiration for this tune.

You can listen to it HERE!

I'd love to hear you thoughts so please share, critics, comments... everything's welcome!

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