New Strap Day!

I got a Brookwood strap today. Makes me want to hide my guitars, so just the strap shows! Some of the best leather to come off a bull's butt! Plain black, with a little buckle, but it's the work of an artist, who loves what he does. Bob's straps are all American---No chinese cheaters anywhere on it. A little bit pricey, but the strap will be here LOONG after I'm gone, so it's worth every penny. And Bob is a heluva nice guy, to boot. And the strap works with Strats, Teles, Gretsches---with no adjustment.
Hat's off to a good guy, doing a good job!


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I have one and it is really nice. He sent me a few V-picks as part of promotional (this was three years ago).

Oh and by the way:

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