New Taylor Electrics


Just bought a new Taylor Standard electric. Amazing clarity, build and thought. Anyone else tried one?


I liked the tone of those mini buckers in the standard, and loved the looks of the white with the pearloid guard, but the one in my Local GC really looked like it had some quality control problems, the neck had gap on the bass side of the pocket, and the finish was bubbled up there. That was the only thing that prevented me from picking one up.


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Glad they worked out for you. They didn't grab me for some reason as much as I had hoped. I played the white one and the fanciest one today as well (did not try the middle one). I was hoping to like them and they were OK. Good guitars, but did not strike me as great ones for whatever reason.

The white one (maple neck I think) had a real snappy sound that was good (although a little think I thought), but probably not what I am looking for in that style guitar. The fretwork could have been a bit better perhaps on the white one (some rough edges as you run your fingers along the neck).

The fancier one was a little fuller sounding, but was not set up very well and therefore was tough to tell about playability. Fret edges felt much better on this one by the way.

For me, the tones of each were OK, but not great for what I was expecting. I thought the shiny plastic "chrome" knobs on both of them felt kind of cheap surprisingly.

I like Taylor acoustics and was hoping to like them. They had a cool look and I can see why someone might really love them, but again, they did not grab me (today at least). Since I really think Taylor does a lot of things right, I'm sure I will give them another chance.

I may have just played some that were not set up well, etc. Enjoy as it is always fun to find something that works for you.



I've played the Custom twice about a month apart. The first time I liked it, but didn't love it. The second time I had more time with it and liked it a lot more. The radius is larger than I normally use but the ebony fretboard felt very nice and fast. There was a good variety of tones out of the guitar. I'll just have to try it a few more times. It's growing on me.


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I have the Custom that I bought at cost. I need a new nut, as the high E pulls over the edge of the neck. The guitar is very light, comfortable and sounds very good. At cost, it's a great guitar. At the regular selling price, I'd go with a PRS or Suhr (my current go to guitars).


I tried all 3 out in a store plus have played a T5. The standard is the only one that has the full size humbuckers. the Basic and Custom have the minis that are very reminiscent of P-90s. I have a Taylor 814CE acoustic I've had since 1993 and really like their workmanship and finishes on the electrics (especially the burled wood custom) but comparing them to the number of guitars I already have (already have a P-90 Les Paul Special, and other humbucker equipped guitars) The necks are great and easy to play, but did not compel me to buy one since I love my PRS. I think they are fine made instruments.


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let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Taylor acoustics. I have an 814ce that is not going anywhere and is the only acoustic I own. I have also owned the 810 the 714ce.

I thought the T-5 was a colassal OOPS!

I bought the recent walnut topped custom adn had it for 2 days. It sounds amazing to me for cleans - think Chet Atkins . I really dug the crisp yet sweet and full cleans. The dirty sounds -- not so much.

Loved it through my 66 Pro Reverb, hated it through my Trem Cat.

Just my .02 but I really think its a niche guitar that is amazing for a certain thing. Playability was GREAT! No really it was GREAT! Fit, finish etc... was first rate. I really dug it except that the minihumbuuckers that were so snappy and cool acoustically (clean) fizzed to crap when you went for the grind.




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I've tried all three models. No sale here.

The build quality is good, but I didn't really like much else.



Played all three and like the white ones. I really like the mini hums and thought they played and looked good, but... they just didn't grab me enough to have to have one if you know what I mean.

I bought a 339 instead.

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