New Tele/Esquire build... an odd duck for sure!


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I've been building (assembling) a few Teles lately (out of parts)... and below is the result of my curiosity with an Esquire :)

Here are the particulars:

- Guitar Fetish Paulownia body in Monaco yellow
- Rosewood Warmoth neck with Gibson Explorer headstock
- Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound single coil pickup
- Fender Custom Shop bridge and saddles
- Single CTS 500k volume pot
- Fender Esquire pickguard
- Charvel Tuners

Well.... it started out as a nightmare given the fact that the scale length of the neck was different than a Tele. Plus, the neck pocket was cut at an odd angle (side upper pocket) and both the string ferrule holes and neck pocket holes were askew.

After re-drilling everything, including moving the bridge forward for proper intonation, it's done.

The neck originally had a locking floyd nut that was poorly mounted.... so I cut a new nut and mounted it between the end of the fretboard and the locking nut. YES! It was mounted that far back!

It really does sound pretty wild! It's loud and obnoxious. Probably because of the pickup being directly wired to the 500k pot (not even a cap).

The rosewood neck is stellar. Not sure about the body wood but it is light as heck.... very similar to basswood IMHO.

A few pics...



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