NEW Tony Iommi instrumental!!


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Cool. I love his tone and the video was pretty cool. I just wished he would broaden his repertoire a bit as the dark themes can only take you so far, but that is his genre that he help create. Classic stuff and one of my favorite SG axe slingers.
I don't think he has much choice.......the dark themes just abound from his tunings . A Beatles tune won't work tuned down 1.5 steps on 8s
He played with a bunch of bands that had guitarists on the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. He is good friends with Brian May, and Brian asked him to help with the show.

Yeah ...I never said never. Lol:p But it's not something he usually does. Especially on a solo outing.....


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Well, I wasn't expecting TI to bust out some jazz fusion licks like Larry Coryell for a solo album, so this is pretty welcome and on brand for him.

Iommi has always added little things to broaden the scope of his sound in the Ozzy era if you listen to the deep tracks, but a lot of people complained it was too prog or strange or pop ( the latter especially was said when Never Say Die was first released). That's why later iterations of Black Sabbath became metal by numbers versions with less surprises.
On the Ist tour as Black Sabbath and the Paranoit tour, they played some Jazz stuff. I'm not familiar with Jazz, so I don't know if it was original material. On a tour between the first and second album that I have a copy of, the enchore was a Jazz instrumental. On the paranoid tour, early shows had Beyond the Wall of Sleep turn into a short jazz section at the end. Tony originally started learning jazz, so that is one of the reasons he is also different.


Great tune. Strange that it's a cross promotion for a new cologne....but hey give us more great tracks like this and I will actually watch the commercials haha.

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I like it so much I've gone back for repeated listenings.
Hopefully there is more new music to come.

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