New Toyz -- Louis Electric Tremblelux, Aiken 50W Intruder and Pure 64 Cabinet.


As 2007 came to a close, with the impending finalization of my divorce (all good -- :AOK), I decided to treat myself, since I was not allowed to indulge while I was married -- just make the money!

Looking at the stable of what I DID have (Matchless, Two Rock's, Siegmund, Jim Kelly) and what to complement it with, I pulled the trigger on these three:

* Louis Electric 1X12 Tremblelux
* Aiken 50 Watt Intruder (Head)
* Pure 64 2X12 Cabinet

I'll post a short review of my opinion (I just got 'em):

The Louis Tremblelux:

Features: Fat Volume, Normal Volume, Power Switch, (21 Watt Push-Pull to 5 Watt Single-ended), Tone, Trem Speed and Depth. Fat and Normal volumes controls are interactive (by bridging the fat and normal channel via, a short instrument cord).

For those that are looking for a (versatile) portable 1X12 with moderate volume...I can't think of a better beast than this. I was looking for a moderately powered amp (with Fender traits), pedal friendly, and equally friendly with (low output) single coils or humbuckers. Jackpot! This has got to be the biggest sounding single twelve combo made. The controls behave exactly as they are labled, the Fat and Normal volume controls complement each other based on pickup type and pedals. The single tone control has a very large sweep and I found it to be usable even at extreme ends of the spectrum. The 21 Watt to 5 Watt switch is probably the most transparent I've seems to affect volume (only), and doesn't color or compress your tone (when scaling the amp from 21 to 5 Watts in single-ended mode) as I've experienced with many of these features on other amps. I got the amp right before Christmas, popped it out of the box (it was double packed -- it could have withstood an ape beating it, like those old Samsonite ads), plugged it in using a '56 Strat Relic (with fairly weak stock PU's), a Klon and Hoochie Mama pedal and proceeded to play for about 3 hours straight...adjusting, listening, playing, and goofing -- played right through dinner (didn't care). Clean, the amp is sickly bumps or spikes in frequencies and the tone control helps to shape and compensate for PU type and how your pedals are adjusted. Both pedals sounded like they were part of the amps pre-amp circuit and not artificially added on top of the amp's sound envelope. Pushing the amp is what I really liked (from moderate to high gain) the amp sounds like those "old beaters" that are about to blow up. Feedback is effortless, musical and a blast. I don't know how Lou does it but the cabinet design is really clever -- I was pumping this amp at close to full volume boosted with the rattles no nothing, just sound. Intense beautiful sound. I especially like using boost pedals with opposite settings to the amp (treble boosted on the pedal, tone control set lower on amp and vice versa). The fat lower mids are impressive. This amp is classic "old school," with second to none build quality, cab and finish are flawless. I lOVE this amp. Lou contacted me right after the holidays to get my opinion and to make sure that everything was ok. He's fun to talk to, very open and enjoys what he does. I think he winds the voice coils on his speakers! You get what you pay for and this amp is every bit as good as the best vintage stuff I've ever seen, heard and played. These are just my opinion's and I'm not a touring pro, but I have a pretty good ear. I don't have any affiliation with Lou or his company. Check out his website and take a look at the folks who do play his stuff -- that's credibility.

Aiken Intruder:

Another killer amp. I wanted a small box 50-watt Marshall-inspired head and this is exactly what I got and more. I believe he's ending or about to end his run of hand-wired Intruder's which I why I jumped on the wagon and I'm glad I did! This amp has Bright and Dark Volume controls that are "linked" internally so that you can alter the "ego" of the amp to compensate for PU's (and pedals if you use lower output PU's). It also has a "Plexi" and "Ali" (Aluminum) switch...Plexi for a fuller rounder tone and Ali for a tighter bass (for higher gain levels). EQ is standard -- Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence. There are external bias pots on the rear panel that allow the user to re-bias in a matter of seconds (very, very cool). My understanding is that any octal-based power tube can be used. Sounds? Through the Pure 64 closed back 2x12, JUST PLAIN KILLER! For blues and rock, this is a quintessential piece of gear. I read the article in Tone Quest in October (I believe) and this gave me the idea of getting an Aiken. Priot to that, I had been mulling an AC30-type platform. Not one regret. I love the package size on this thing and wonder how in hell he managed to cram 50 watts of power into this small of a footprint. The master volume (Output Level Control) works just as it should...even at low volume settings, you get none of that fizzle or spit inherent with attenuators or other controls that you may be used to dealing with and it doesn't alter your sound. Randall's great. A true gentleman...when he couldn't ship my amp before the holiday's (as he had scheduled), he knocked some $$ off the price of the amp! The build quality, attention to detail, functionality is just about as perfect as you can get...I can't imagine getting closer to nirvana for a small box 50. I had a blast running both the Louis Trem and Aiken side by side and blending both to get what I wanted. I never had an Aiken before. I'll never let go of it.

Pure 64 2X12 Cabinet (Tolex):

To be honest, I didn't know this company very well before I purchased this cab...I did a little research on the web prior to pulling the matter. The cabinet is probably (hands down) the best I've ever had. Together with the Aiken, I doubt I could get a better, fatter, more articulate sound. The finish and detail were again outstanding, and Mark (the owner) was great to do business with. I originally wanted a 1X12 cabinet, but opted for the 2X12...I'm glad I did. An 8 ohm cabinet in classy black tolex with white piping and handles (that actually work) on the top and one set on the side to orientate the cab either vertically or horizontally (very cool).

For the wretched year that was 2007, I ended it on a "high note."


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As 2007 came to a close, with the impending finalization of my divorce (all good -- :AOK), I decided to treat myself, since I was not allowed to indulge while I was married -- just make the money!

I had not realized you married my X wife. ;)

Seriously, glad to hear yet another person is digging the Louis amps. The KR model I tried sounds incredible. Congrtas on the great new gear!


Hi Mike, I enjoyed talking with you last night, nothing kicks off a new lease on life like killer gear! Lou's amps have me completely turning my back on all my other amps(I won't bore anyone with the line-up)
I am the very proud and inspired owner of a Louis 2-12 Bluesbreaker, KR12, and recently a new KR1O-12, the richest, ballsiest, sweetest, tone I've ever experiened. The Tremblelux is next on the hit list. After all my praise Lou predicts "I predict the Tremblelux is going to be your favorite amp" No doubt Lou.


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Glad you love your Aiken...My Sabre is the finest "M" 3 channel switcher on the me

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