New Tubes for my Fandango


I've got a Rivera Fandango 55w 2x12 and am going to change the pre-amp and output tubes. I'm looking to get the most clean headroom and warmest sound possible. Any suggestions? I was thinking about going with Winged C EL-34s but wasn't sure what to do about the pre-amp tubes.
Here's what each of the 5 control, right now they're all 12ax7a's:
1. Input buffer and tone control driver for Channel 2, and also the first Preamp stage of
Channel 1.
2. Tone control follower for Channel 2 and an additional gain stage for Channel 1.
3. Third gain stage for Channel 2 and for Channel 1
4. Reverb follower gain stage, and mixer for both channels
5. Phase inverter driver tube for the power amp section



Love the Rivera amps!
I've spent lots of time (and $$$$) trying different preamp tubes in the 5 holes...everything from new product, to vintage tubes... and a combination of both.
I finally settled on a configuration that knocked down some of the shrillness of the overdrive, made it warm and punchy, while leaving the beautiful Fender-like cleans unaffacted. I love this setup. You may hate it.

V1 JAN GE 12AX7WA (Low noise, sweet top end)
V2 Telefunken ECC83 (Low noise, smooth, balanced from top to bottom) *I've also used a Brimar here with good results
V3 9th gen Chinese (Provides needed gain for both channels)
V4 Sovtek LP (Long plates, fine for the Reverb slot)
V5 Sovtek LP (Long Plates, fine for phase inverter, but this tube may become microphonic in more sensitive gain positions.

I'm using SED 6L6s (QUIANA), so I can't comment on the EL34s.


My Knucklehead sounds pretty good with RCA and Sylvania 12AX7's; RCA in V1, Sylvania's in V2 and V3, RCA in V4 and I think a Sovtek LPS in V5. Winged -C- or GT-EL34M power amp tubes have done right by me. The RCA and Sylvania's came from organs or were NOS hi-fi tubes circa 1960, all pretty reasonable compared to the Mullard or Telefunken ECC83 NOS tubes.

Dave L

In my K55 I use Tung-Sol 12AX7´s for V1-V3, EH for V4-V5 and Winged C EL34´s for the poweramp. Sounds good to my ears, at least... it´s a pretty balanced tone for an amp that can get bright or murky with the wrong tubes.

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