New tune I recorded today. Guitar, pedal steel, vocal


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I think this was my 64 Gibson B-25 (I played it on that and my martin HD-28 and I got mixed up as to which tracks were which. I didnt have to roll off a ton of bass, which makes me think it was the Gibson.)

Fessenden SD-10 pedal steel into a 65 Bandmaster.

I used a Rode NT1A on the guitar, and an SM7B on the vocal.

I think the pedal steel is probably a little too hot in the mix.

I would like to add drums, but I am not sure what to play. I was thinking a big round, booming war drum doing straight 4's like the foot tapping at the beginning would be cool, but now that I have it recorded, I am thinking maybe a country with brushes feel would be good for the drums.

I will probably add some bass, maybe some rhodes chords, and also might have my friend play the hook part on the vibes. Not sure if all of that might end up being too much of a good thing though...

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