New Tunes, Maz 38 & Musicman HD 130...

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    Feb 24, 2008
    I'm fairly new here.
    I've got 2 songs posted on my bands myspacepage off our new cd.
    I'm the vocalist, songwritter, soloist. On this cd I used:
    Dr Z Maz 38 head with a Marshall 1960 tv 4X12 with Greenbacks.
    Musicman HD 150 2X12 combo
    Gibson 58 Les Paul re-issue
    Home made Strat Copy
    1970 Guild D40

    My distorted sound is with the amps set to medium break up & a Carl martin Hot Drive Boost pushing them over the top. I only use the Boost side of the pedal.

    My brother's rig (holding it down on the rythym)
    Musicman HD 130 head with a Marshall 4X12 with Greenbacks.
    69 Tele Re-issue

    Here's the link, please have a listen:

    Thank you!!

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