New Universal Line Switcher from Loop-Master Pedals!




You can't use an A/B box as a true bypass looper and you can't use a true bypass looper as an A/B without bleedover problems bu this little pedal will allow you proper functionability for both of these applications and more at the flip of a switch so, if you're using it as a stand-alone looper, it will ground out the effect input when in bypass mode for zero noise. And if you use it as an A/B box or tuner mute, just flip the side toggle switch once and it will be set in A/B mode and it will ground out A when not in use and ground out B when not in use.

Also, when in loop mode, only the "Loop/A" LED will light up when the loop is on telling you that you are definitely in loop mode. When in A/B mode, both LED indicators will operational just like any other A/B box w/LEDS.

With this pedal, you can do any one of the following schemes if needed: (one at a time of course)

Loop tone-sucking effects for a better signal in your chain: (Guitar to "In", "Send" to the effect input, "Receive" to the effect output, and "Out" to your amp.

Use as a tuner mute: (Connect "Send/A" to any tuner, "Out/B" to your amp, guitar to "In" and leave "receive" disconnected)

Split between two amps: (Connect "Out/B" to one amp, "Send/A" to another amp, guitar to "In" and leave "receive" disconnected)

Split between two instruments: (Connect "Out/B" to one guitar, "Send/A" to another guitar, and connect "In" to your amp. (Leave "receive" disconnected)

If you have an amp that has 1/4" channel jack for changing channels, you can connect a cable up to "B" or "A" in A/B Mode and change channels on your amp.

Dimensions: 4.37" X 2.37" X 1.1"

LEDS: For the 9V DC Jack, these units require a 9V AC adapter with a Boss/Ibanez style 2.1mm barrel plug. If you do not have one, we have these in the "Accessories" section. (Unit will work without LED's. The LED circuit in any Loop-Master™ unit does not affect tone.)

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