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New VOS SG Special or the Pete Townshend?


There is a Townshend model on the bay right now. Hit? Should I just save up my pennies for a VOS Special?


Platinum Supporting Member
You know you could probably pick up an original mid to late 60's special for not much more than a new Townshend. I bought a '68 on eBay a couple years ago. It is fantastic. I see them in the $2500 range on eBay all the time. I think the the Townshend's are usually around $2k. Long term the original will probably appreciate more.


Gold Supporting Member
Well I believe there are a couple versions of the Townshend sig. Limited version that includes the flight case and Pete signed cert and one that doesn't.

This is a historic reissue with swapped knobs.

Its a great guitar it resonates like crazy, but I'm not a fan of the 60's profile neck so thinking about trading it, :NUTS, for a nocaster
(really like the custom shop thinline nocaster), I have a Les Paul with a fat neck to get my p90 tone.

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