newbie looking for PA purchase help


hello guys! ive been around helping some local companies, got a hand full of exp but not quite sure what to buy for myself?

right now im just looking to run sound for families band and MAYBE small dj for campus parties ect...

in the long haul, price isnt a concern, but i cannot justify spending $600-800 on a single (x3-4) crown amps for my first system... nor $600 for a 24x4 or 24x8 100' snake... a little at a time and im ok with used, as long as its GREAT working condition and not beat up too bad....

so heres the info...
need a min of 14 open channels. + extras if one goes out or a couple buddies wanna join. jump to the chase, this comming friday im purchasing a oldie but good peavey src2400 mixer off a local man for $200. ive done checked it and everythign is in 100% working condition (took me 2-3 hours but i checked everything), so next, is a snake? first someone tells me seismic... :spit... then a old buddy suggested whirlwind. not bad but the price... maybe used is my best bet?

also may there be a note: i am electronics major, so repair and soldering is like breathing to me...

next qestions would be monitors/mains/subs? right now, the group wants 4 monitors plus drums, he mentioned wanting FULL group so i thought heaphone out? not sure... would it be ok to do 5 monitors and link the front 2?? (as im told you never want odd number of monitors??)
right now were using some old cabs, i just purchased some black widows for subs and using my father in laws peaveys. way old school and ok for bars but not much else...
so im thinking black widows be ok for now, and pick up something cheap. my old band we used kustom kpc215h mains for practice, and if i could pick a pair up for 200, that sounds ideal to start...
BUT for long haul... EV ELX118(x2), EV ELX215(x2), EV ELX112(?monitors?) VS Carvin TRx118N(x2), TRx153N(x2). (monitors??). i know a lot of people dog on carvin, but ive been looking that the TRX series for a while... opinions?
amps? looking for $400-$500 each. $350 used...

and lastly, racks? again, not looking to spend a $hit ton... just enough to get the job done and be trust worthy...

i have a good idea for mics and cables and what not...

thanks for all help in advance


Check out these guys for snakes,cables and racks. Good gear for the money.


ive been there a few times, for cases/trunks/racks... i cant justify 240 on a case and 160 for shipping :( sad thing thats only half way across the country. i feel i could drive and pick it up for cheaper....

how are their snakes? (ewi) something inside of me says pay the extra for the upgraded connectors but are the ewi connectors ok?


Uncle Pat

I bought a used ProCo snake 20 years ago, made some jacket repairs and spliced one cable back together (run over with a forklift!) and it's still going strong.

Kyle B

Senior Member
You will want at least FOUR separate output busses. Not just L/R. Your singer will like their own monitor mix.

Since you're just getting into this, I suggest you get a powered mixer. You don't need all this separate gear, unless you're just wanting to look cool 'cuz you have a rack full of flashing lights.

I have a Carvin 1648P. It has 1200W into four output channels. Packs everything into a flight-case. Wonderful. You couldn't offer me enough $$$ to give it up.

But that Carvin isn't the only option by a long shot. Mackie makes a nice one, as do Yamaha and Yorkville.

But whatever you do STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM BERHINGER AS POSSIBLE. This garbage is designed to be disposable, and it WILL fail on you in the middle of a gig. Just a matter of time.

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