Newer guitar (83LP) sounds way better w/o pedalboard


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I've been writing recently about my newer 83 LP Standard with Shaw pickups and how I wasn't really digging the tones (Bad Cat Black Cat) I was getting. Felt too hot, not much control---- well......

Yesterday I plugged it straight into the amp (friend borrow board) and it sounds friggin awesome. I'm not changing a thing on this guitar. No squealing at all. I was about to drop $$ on an RS kit because it sounded muffled...etc, but now I know the prob is in my chain on the board.

So, when I get the board back, I am going to switch things around. Going to try the TU2 (had it out of the chain with a TB switcher....but noticed the switcher was actually adding noise) after the OD pedals before MOD and Delay and at the front of my chain to see if it makes it better when plugged into the board.

I am powering with a DC Brick (which does just fine by me) and using the no-solder planetwaves cables. Any suggestions (other than buying more expensive stuff)?

My chain right now is TIM>DLS>Choralflange>Nova Delay>TU2>AMP


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Check your cables.
FWIW I had been running a Nova delay and felt the tone was stiffer, and digitized, but not muffled.
I'd start with one pedal, and add one at a time until you find the culprit, but I still suspect those cables.
Not that they are bad cables, but they might need tightening. Did you use grips to tighten when you built them?


Set your Choralflange to buffered instead of true bypass and lose the tuner from your chain. My guess is your tone will improve significantly. Always check for bad cables too, of course.
Deffinitely run your TU-2 first. I've seen and heard first hand how much better rigs sound with it first in chain. I'd also definitely check your cables. I've remade lots of George L's for buddys of mine and the difference was huge. Also, you should check your bypass box. Good luck.


I agree, try the TU2 first. Also, since you don't have many pedals, maybe get a good set of soldered cables, like those DiMarzios, I have a couple of them, very nice, and sturdy. I have solderless cable kit too, and now and then, without warning, the cables stop working or get noisy. I'll eliminate them soon.

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