Sold Newish... Goodsell Champton Plus $600

View media item 50500View media item 50501View media item 50502Bought the amp used as a regular Champton a while back but seeking more clean volume I sent it off to Richard Goodsell to upgrade. The upgrade makes it an 8w amp with an 8ohm out bigger output transformer and eminence Rajun Cajun 10,5881 power tube with a push pull tone pot for a gain boost. Instead of upgrading the wiring and such he replace the entire chassis with a new one. So the only part that is from 2014 is the cab itself everything else is new. The upgrade gave it a good bit more volume but I'm still seeking for that sound that I cant find in a tiny package! $600 plus shipping.
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Dang Twangler
Interested. Would love to hear a clip, even if it's just a phone recording.


i owned this little goodsell,,i have one of the 8 watters and it is in "fawn" vox style, it was 800 shipped,, this is a great deal. if you want a little more punch and light weight portability you cant go wrong here. mine has a ramrod in it, but i am sure the rajin cajun is just as good (earlier breakup?) deal with confidence from Josh! i sold this to josh cause i wanted one of the new 8 watt designs,,, best customer service in all of ampdom,, hands down in my humble opinion,, i have bought amps from richard since 2002 cheers!

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