NFRFRD StageSource L2m

Rocco Crocco

New FRFR day.

I was in need of a powered speaker for guitar/bass with Helix. I bought an Alto312 and was really disappointed in the sound. Too bass heavy. I tried to make it work for a couple days but I had to low-cut way too much on patches that are known to sound good. I ended up returning it.

Then I saw Sweetwater has the L2m on sale for $500 (regularly 850). The StageSource line is pretty old, so I wonder if they are being discontinued.

Anyway, the reviews looked solid, so I bought it. It arrived today and I really couldn't have asked for a better sounding speaker. It is loud and clear and is quite the midrange bomb (in a good way) compared to the Alto. No woofiness, boominess or harshness. I've only had it for a couple hours, but I'm pretty sold on it. If it proves to be reliable, I will be very happy with the purchase.

They're still on sale.
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