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    Nov 12, 2004
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    Hi all,

    I'm not sure how the other states handle hand gun laws and permits but here in NJ it's a time consuming process. I need to put in the request for the permit which takes as little a 30 days and for some towns as much as 6 months. My town is pretty good and takes less then 60 days. I can only buy one hand gun every 30 days, so even if I have 2 permits I have to wait. Because of this most people I know order a few permits at 1 time. I ordered 3 and just got them the other day. 2 guns have already been picked, the first is a Taurus Tracker 990 with a 6" barrel. I know it's a 22 but it's fun to shoot and 22LR is still cheap. I'm hoping to hit the range tomorrow to give it a try. I've shot them before, fun guns to use as long as you keep it clean.


    Now for my next gun, I ordered it a couple days ago, the shop just called and told me it came in. It's not for everyone, a little different but very comfortable (to me at least) to shoot. A Chiappa White Rhino in 357 and 5" barrel!


    I hate waiting, I got 25 days to go. Oh well it will give me time to figure out my third gun, I'm leaning towards a gp100 but not ruling out the 686 completely.

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