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NGD 1962 ES-330 Original Dot-Neck "Player"

Sam Sherry

Gold Supporting Member
Hey Guitar Center! Stop posting vintage Gibsons at reasonable prices!

Stop tempting me with pictures of '62 ES-330s with the original 7.95k neck pickup and that 9.95k bridge pickup, OK?

Nothing that weighs 5.8 pounds and has curves that keep me up at night! Cut it out!

You know I'm a sucker for guitars with all the sound but some imperfection that cuts the price in half -- like this headstock repair. Stop stop stop!

You know how much I dig curves and dots and Brazilian rosewood . . .

I'm just a sucker. But it should be said, I am a lucky sucker this week!


Just hooked like I would be.

I love the necks on that vintage, BTW.

Nice score.

Sam Sherry

Gold Supporting Member
Brought it over to the jazz jam today. This guitar is just a breeze to play! Jazz set -- 12 wound G -- brings a firm tension to dig in on. .05" x .06" at the 12th fret makes it fly, and every note is clean on the board.

And P90s, yessir. I've had Gibson P90s from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 200x and 201x and they all work great, but this set . . . stand back! 50+ year-old A5 and 8k . . . they are lovin' the 12s. As was I.

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