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This 1987 Heritage STAT arrived today from SC!

This one is a little different has a Floyd Rose trem, which I prefer over a Kahler Pro or a Kahler Flyer, which came stock on this guitar. Whoever did the conversion, did a clean, pro job. This stat suffered a headstock repair some yrs ago also.

The bridge pickup was changed from a Schaller to a Dimarzio PAF....I believe the 2 singles are Dimarzios as well.

The coil split toggle has been eliminated, so it is just 3 on/off toggles....mater volume/master tone.

It has its share of dings and dents. The frets are in great shape. It has a 1 piece mahogany body, mahogany set neck, rosewood fretboard and a monster flame top. It is by far, the best playing, best sounding STAT I have ever owned.



Right on, Bro! I love mine. The switching takes a while to get used to, but other that, it's all good! The biggest challenge for me was the thin neck.


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These old Heritage guitars are great stuff.

I've got a couple of old ones. ...........and they are great.

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