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NGD (2013 Les Paul Studio Deluxe)!!!

So I hope I don't bore you too much with details, but this is a somewhat unique (to me at least) buy. It's a 2013 Les Paul Studio Deluxe in Vintage Sunburst. What's kind of unique about it, or is a mystery to me, is the pickups in it and some of the electronics.

I bought this on a whim, mainly because I just won my fantasy football league and had money burning a whole in my pocket. I had been looking at early 90's Studios and stumbled on this on Ebay. Loved the look of it, loved the weight, dug the specs, and the seller looked pretty legit. They had a really nice mix of boutique and vintage stuff, a ton of good reviews, a legit Reverb account, pro photos, etc. So I figured why not. I put in a what I thought was a low max bid and came back an hour later surprised it won.

The interesting part, although listed as used, the description was as new/other. Here's the story I got on it: Some employee of a music store stashed this in the back to buy, employee left, store found it years later when they were going out of business, and this smaller dealer acquired it. Do I believe it? Not really. 1.) I thought these were GC exclusives and they didn't go out of business the last I checked. 2.) I just don't find it plausible a case sits for 3 years without someone opening it and putting it out the floor.

Anyways, it came with the case, came with the case candy, and the very best part... it came with the glorious sweet Nitro smell. So maybe they weren't kidding. Maybe it was stashed in the rafters of some old Indy store that bit the dust, maybe it gets really weird and shady and there's an Ed Roman appearance in it's history. I don't know. But it sure looks new, and it plays fantastic so I guess I don't care too much.

It's got Regular Studio pickups in it (490R and 498T, both with covers, which is even stranger because these came with a zebra 490 and BB). It doesn't have the coil taps, nor the boost that the Deluxes had. Everything else is a match. Finish, hardware, other specs and the serial number say it's a Studio Deluxe. The bridge cavity says LSD25 in it, which I assume meanss..you guessed it Studio Deluxe. I doubt the type of person that's going to go the trouble of swapping out pickups or going to go from that combo to this combo. Switch out all the pots. And they never play it either

Whatever, I'm sure boring you. It just seems odd. Anyhoo all you really need to know is I snagged for just under 700, it weighs 8#and 11oz, I just switched all the plastics to creme, slapped some gold speed knobs on it, and it kicks some serious arse. On to the pics...




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You know what LSD25 is, right?

I didn't until you said that and then googled it. I mean, I knew of course what LSD was, but had not heard of it referenced with the 25. I was thinking more of: Les Paul Studio Deluxe... 25 = This has 25 times the tonez of any other piece in this run. :D

Hey, guys. Couple of quick questions if you don't mind me pestering you for some info:

1.) I plan on replacing the pickups at some point. Being that these clearly aren't what is spec'd out on the model, is there any easy way of me identifying them, without removing the covers? I was hoping I could do so just by checking the resistance. I really just want to make they are indeed a 490 and 498 before listing them for sale.

2.) I top wrapped this, which I always do on LP's and noticed something Ive been meaning to bring up on here, just wasnt sure itvwas worthy of its own thread. The tailpiece isnt a snug fit on the studs, so the tailpiece pulls up at slight angle when top wrapped. Which makes perfect sense when considering the angles. Ive seen it before. My question is, is this purely a cosmetic thing, or would it be worth it to find a couple of washers and notch them out in a c shape to bring level? I figure it can't do much other than maybe increase the string tension a hair. Should I just leave it be?

3.) This has one of those PCB(?) Circuit boards where the pickups have the quick connects. If I drop a set of Mules or Antiquities in it should I just plan on buying a new wiring kit? I've never owned anything with one, dont know you wire normal pickups to it, and don't know what the consensous is on them. I figure CTS POTS and capacitiers are pretty cheap even if dont want to pony up 100 bucks for kit. Seems like a no-brainer to just yank it out.

I always figure I'll bug you all before making my decisions. Any thoughts or help is always greatly appreciated!


I have a 2013 studio in vintage SB. It has the original 490 and 498. Great guitar. Yours looks great with that top!

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