NGD: 2021 Heritage H-535


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I sold a Gibson ES-335 to buy this Heritage for close to $1000 less than I got for the Gibson. The MSRP on the Heritage H-535 and Gibson ES-335 are pretty comparable but man, these Heritage guitars are a steal on the used market. I paid $1650.

2021 Heritage H-535. First thing I did was order a set of Grover locking tuners to replace the stock Rotomatics. I thought about swapping pickups around but on a semi-hollow like this that's not trivial as if it were a solid body.

It's a toss up which one I prefer. I'd say the Heritage but that might be my bias for a Michigan company. I don't really notice the thinner body. Neck might be a hair thinner too which works for me. I can say for sure I prefer having the cash in my pocket instead of the name Gibson on the headstock.



Smokin'! Love it! I've played a lot of ES-335s over the years that I thought were dogs. Best ES-335 I've ever played in my life was a Heritage 535. $1650 is a steal in this market.


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I loved the older Heritages. The verdict is still out on the ones under new management.

Don A

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I replaced my ES-335 with a new 2019 Heritage H-535 and only paid $100 more for the Heritage than I sold the Gibson for (the dealer gave me a decent deal on the Heritage).
My H-535 is woodier sounding and over a pound lighter than my ES-335 was and plays about the same. They came with Seth Lover pickups in 2019 so no change is needed (depending on your taste).

BTW, my H-535's body is not thinner than my ES-335's was.

I have a 2019 H-150 as well. These recent Heritages are great guitars! Quality wise, I'd give them a slight edge over a recent Gibson, though you'd almost think they were made by the same people.



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