NGD-62 Hot Rod Strat


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Just got a really sweet strat in a trade today. Its a 62 AVRI Hot Rod with Ellis 50/60's. Strung her up with some new pure blues 10's, gave her a little set up work. Got to play her for a few hours tonight and Im thoroughly impressed! All 5 positions are very usable here, with 2 and 4 being really great, quacky and stratty. You just cant cop that tone any other way. The neck is blues heaven, warm and clean, not muddy at all. Middle position is my favorite so far. The perfect amount of bite and warmth, sparkle and balls. Bridge is usable! Roll the tone back to 8 or so and its really nice.

The neck on this one has been worked on. Shoulders taken down a bit, refinished in nitro, refretted with med jumbo wire. Nice bone nut to round it out.

Its been 10 or 12 years since Ive owned a strat, and Ive never owned a nice one. This one just feels like one of my guitars already. Fun to have a strat around again!

Here she is! Forgive the cell phone pics....


And with the whole family



I like white strats, bet it sounds great.

Funny - when I think of white Strats - I think kind of boring but they do look good when I actually see them- but not as good as Shell Pink or seeing the wood grain........

Congrats- and cool that you get good tones out of middle PU- that could be a trademark because not too many use that as a favorite.................


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I have a Sherwood one. They are just really nicely made guitars. I have Suhr V60LP in bridge and middle and the quack in position 4 is fantastic. Haven't found my ideal neck pup yet. Might look at the Ellis ones you mentioned. Enjoy!

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