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NGD: '82 Alder Lead III Sienna Burst


Silver Supporting Member
I found this listed on Craigslist in North Carolina, $500, I bought it and he shipped it to San Diego.
When I opened it up I was blown away, its alder and weighs in at 7 1/2 pounds. It is in great shape. The sellers friend is a tech he took the whole thing apart cleaned, polished, put it back together and set it up.
I tried it through my '62 Tremolux and it was a bit dark but straight into my 2061X, WOW it almost plays itself like they were long lost friends, very cool.
I've had a Lead III and four Lead I's over the years and they all were heavy ash (9 1/2 lbs range) and had kind of narrow nuts. All the others seemed like they were dipped in plastic for their finish. This has a much thinner finish and the nut is a tad wider as well,its one of those guitars that just feels good to play
Your probably wondering why I would buy another after my previous experiences?
I don't know but I ended up with an awesome guitar. Vintage Fender made in Fullerton that plays, feels and looks awesome for 5 bills.
Cheers to Randy in NC, thanks for being honest.


John C

Gold Supporting Member
Very nice; makes me regret letting my old Lead II go.

The weight and neck differences make sense - 1982 was the year of the so-called "Smith Strat" (where Fender went back to the 4-bolt neck and deeper body contours, more attention to weight) so it makes sense that some of that increased attention to details trickled down to the other models like the Lead series.


Silver Supporting Member
Nice! What kind of pickups are in there? Stock Fenders?
Yes they are stock.
(Quote from Wiki)
Fender Lead I/III Humbucker Pickup Specifications

The DC resistance of the Lead I/III Seth Lover designed humbucker pickup is approximately 13 . The Lead I/III humbucker pickups have 12 adjustable pole pieces and have a ceramic magnet.

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