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Discussion in 'Acoustic Instruments' started by magicaxeman, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. magicaxeman

    magicaxeman Member

    Mar 28, 2011
    Essex UK
    I got a good deal so grabbed one of these little parlours.

    Cracking little guitar.. I'm really pleased with it.
    Obviously its not played in yet, but it has a nice lively sound, but smooth, not to brash and should mature nicely.

    The fit and finish is exceptional at this price point, I couldn't find a single flaw apart from a little backlash in the tuners, certainly no sharp fret edges, finish flaws or such like.
    The mahogany neck has a 1.75" nut width, with a neck profile very reminiscent of the Gibson 50's neck profile, it fills your hand but isn't uncomfortable.
    String spacing is about perfect for finger pickers.
    The head stock is capped with a nice 4mm thick slab of the same rosewood as used on the back, sides and bridge, oh and the bridge pins, yes, the bridge pins are carved from rosewood too!

    The nut and saddle are carved from bleached bone, real bone!! on a sub £400 guitar? amazing, the saddle is also compensated, initial checks reveal the intonation is very good with the fitted strings.

    After just a few hours with it, its already proving to be quite a surprising little guitar that hopefully will just get better as it gets played in.

    I'm afraid I haven't been able to take any pics of my own yet.. but I've added a few I found via google..

    • Hand selected, ‘A’ grade, solid Sitka spruce top
    • Hand sanded, scalloped bracing
    • Rosewood back and sides
    • Slotted headstock
    • Alvarez bi-level rosewood bridge
    • Rosewood fingerboard
    • Premium, high gloss finish
    • Dovetail neck joint
    • Real bone nut and saddle
    • Paua abalone and mother of pearl inlays
    • Premium open gear tuners
    • ABS binding
    • D’Addario EXP’s
    • 24.2 inch scale length
    • 12th fret body joint




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  2. cbmccarthy

    cbmccarthy Member

    Jun 5, 2009
    Columbia, SC
    I looked closely at these guitars, pretty nice IMO, but couldn't find one to play in person. Was really looking hard at the Alvarez and a Washburn parlor. Ended up with a 000-size Recording King RO-626 instead.
  3. djdrdave

    djdrdave Member

    Sep 15, 2010
    Chicago suburbs
    I've always liked my Alvarez Artist dreadnought, playing it as i type this. Actually stumbled upon this because i was thinking about parlor guitars.
  4. oldcodger

    oldcodger Member

    May 21, 2012
    How sad am I getting - I joined just to reply to this post! The reason being that I've just tried and ordered one of these little beauties as a consequence. I've been playing guitar for 35+ years and in all that time this is the first acoustic I've picked up which shone in every way, and I'd advise anyone to take a look, especially with it's price. Given the body style and size, the volume and projection this guitar has is incredible. As magicaxeman stated the sound is bright but not brash - I can only descibe it as 'happy', and it reposnds really well to digging in with fingers. It has a fabulously playable neck which stops you from being able to put it down, and is made from good quality materials. I gave the one I played in the shop a good look over and couldn't see a flaw anywhere, and there's just the right amount of bling to make it look pleasing. I spent 2 happy hours in the shop playing it and trying a lot of other guitars as comparison, but the AP70 is the one I ordered - it was certainly the nicest of the stuff I played, and quite possibly one of the nicest acoustics I've ever played. I can't recomend this one high enough.
  5. neastguy

    neastguy Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    how big of sound does this thing have.. can you play stuff like "the clap" on it.. do you this if a p/u was installed it could be played live w/ a band? thanks
  6. pickaguitar

    pickaguitar 2011 TGP Silver Medalist Silver Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2005
    nice guitar op! I'm interested in one of these at this price

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