NGD-an Epi surprise!


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I hear a knock on my door around noon, and it's a neighbor's daughter's boyfriend (I know NONE of their names!). We always say a quick "hello" when passing outside, but that's it. However, he's standing with a gig bag and says, "I was going to throw this out but thought first maybe you'd want it" and hands me the bag. I open it to find an almost-mint Epiphone Dot. I thank him, close the door, spend about an hour tweaking it and changing strings, and with my lowest-priced guitar about $1k more than this, I have to admit that it's a decent instrument! The neck is substantial and easy to adjust, the frets are well seated, the pickups sound quite nice, and the whole thing imparts a good flavor of a real Gibson 335 (which I've owned). I played it through an At Mars Specialist head (so cool!) into my Zinky 2x12 cab and readily came up with robust vintage tones. So today I got a freebie that I will keep and use for a little practice in my office, and here's to good (though nameless!) neighbors!


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