NGD and it's Oly White


Been looking for a guitar to gig with so I wouldn't have to use my 66.
Was just about to order one new when this popped up on CL
It is absolutely pristine. With all the case candy.
Bought new just down the road from me in March 2009
Paid five hunnert bux for it.





Real Nice,...I think most don't realize until they actually go shopping anymore, the day's for the $500. AmStd. is getting REAL scarce. Most GC.'s (which have been at $500.+ for awhile trade in for NICE ones) are stepping up to the plate buy/trade wise when bringing them in.

Fender's 'Hard-line', and what THEY pay for new for one has gone up a bit, so Dealers are paying a bit more in the past year or two for them used. Understand I'm speaking of one's in the OP's condition, not a 'Relic', or one that has 'needs',...I'm speaking of the ones that come in 'standing tall'.

Again pbmw, She sure looks nice,...I would put a (Fender ONLY) Mint green p-guard on her, (and keep the original) and play it loud and proud. I've come around to realize after 50 years of playing, and owning/trying 'em all,...I'm a Fender Fella thru and thru,...give me a Strat. and/or (mostly or...LOL) a Tele., and I'm a happy guy. Tom

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