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Brand new Baja came today. I traded off a cheap 70s Greco LP towards this purchase and have only played her for about 30-40 minutes.....but.....I can see that this is going to be good. Right out of the box the setup was quite playable. Very clean, very VERY chimey. I love that aspect. This is my 3rd Tele and it's different from the other 2 tonally. One is a Kirn Barnbuster, the other an MJT w/a Minihum in the neck. Both great Tele's, and I see this is going to be also. The only thing I plan to do to this is put on Wilkinson compensated saddles and Dunlop Straplocks. This guitar sounds so good out of the box, changing the pickups won't be necessary, at least anytime soon. Up till now I've only been able to get a neck like this in the aftermarket at this price point. Nice fat neck for a production guitar!


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Marris Otter

Congrats and happy NGD! Of the guitars I own, my Baja and my Heritage 535 are the two that consistently blow me away and make me feel like I made out like a bandit.

The Bajas are spectacular guitars!

I absolutely love mine. Out of the 7 guitars I own right now it gets played the most by far. Such a great neck, pickups are perfect for what I want, and the value, IMHO, is just oustanding. Enjoy it, and welcome to the club!!!:)


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I happened upon a new Baja Tele at my local dealer a few months ago that had to come home with me it sounded & played so well...and was worth all the spousal repercussions that followed. And, even though I'm a Strat guy, my Baja Tele gets most of my couch play time!

Congratulations...and make a joyful noise ;).


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I had gone through two Teles in the past I regret selling, the other not so much. But my Baja solidifies what a Tele means!

1. I love what the broadcaster and twisted pups bring to the table...just what I want in a tele for rock and pop.
2. I love the neck, not just for the girth, but that soft-v (where I hate V profiles) feels right on. Not too thick, and its slender shoulders really make the neck melt in my hand.

I did have to get a setup as the deck height was a tad wonky, but the frets were excellent. I'm a happy camper and now know why these get so much love on forums. It ain't hype; these are great guits...enjoy yours!


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