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NGD: Bond with Insane Top :D


Pics first? :)

Here is an awesome metal machine built for me by Bond Instruments/Louis-Philippe Bond. This guitar has the most insane figured spalted top I have seen yet. There are a lot of cool little appointments on this instrument that you don't usually see, like the ebony knob and cutaway for easy access to the locking jack, the design on the end of the fretboard, etc...

The guitar features a cherry wood body, spalt maple top, ostryer fretboard, maple/ebony neck and BKP Aftermaths. I haven't had a chance to set it up completly yet, but even then its very easy to play and up there with brands like Suhr. Tonally, it nails a huge sounding modern DM sound, which is exactly what I asked for. Unfortunately, while I was playing I got too excited and bashed the 3 way selector too hard and broke it, but that's an easy fix.

Another cool thing is that the wood for the fretboard is only really available in Quebec, so he went out an cut his own tree down in a property his fmaily owns! :)


Frequently Mistaken for Fabio
Gold Supporting Member
Whoa that's wicked! Wicked awesome.

Congrats to you!



Silver Supporting Member
Very cool. Not my style at all, but I've always really liked the aesthetic of "heavy" guitars like that and Blackmachine. Top looks gorgeous!

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