NGD Countdown to Ian Anderson Standard


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Hi Guys,
It seems like the last thread about Ian Anderson guitars got erased so, I thought I'd start my own.

I actually had an IA Standard I bought used. A really cool goldtop with a brazilian rosewood headstock. Amazing guitar, one of the best I've ever played. The neck was just wrong, it was a big D shape and had too much shoulder for my taste. So, Ian and I agreed it was best to build me a guitar..

October 2012 , I gave Ian Anderson a deposit to buy another person's place in line, As I remember it, that person had been waiting two years and if I bought that spot, I would have a 12-18 month wait..

Fast forward, to Monday October 23rd 2017.
After many conversations and multiple delays, Ian and I have come to an understanding that I will receive my guitar in 45 days (now 41 days) or I will receive my money back. Actually, the guitar will have everything but final polish done on November 23rd and It will be 100% finished on December 8.

I have rarely/possibly never talked about this guitar on TGP until a few days ago..
Here's hoping it all works out.

I'll keep you guys posted.




Wonder how much pressure the OP got from Ian to remove that thread?

It's a shame that stuff wasn't saved, because it may be one of the few things that might help keep IA honest. Back to scamming more people in the future without fear of turning up that thread.


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Thanks Macmaxx. Ron's stuff is pretty awesome!

BTW, I am still an Ian Anderson fan. I'm pretty sure if Ian and I went to the same high school we would have been good friends. We like the same cars, amps, guitars, players and look at tone the same way. I am really hoping he comes through.

Trebor Renkluaf

I was hit by a parked car, what's your excuse?


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Well Ian is just right up the way from me. I got a chance to talk with him a bit a few years back. Seems like a very likable guy.

But, his reputation is built on performance. By that I mean delivering what has been paid for and agreed to in a reasonable timely manner. That reputation is very very bad for a reason. I hope you don’t have to go back and forth with him too much on this.

Interestingly, he’s only a short walk from the Lentz’s. And they have a well earned top notch reputation because of their performance. Too bad Ian didn’t learn that performance trait before he started a business.

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