NGD Countdown to Ian Anderson Standard


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Not much to add here but I did play one of his guitars a few years ago and I can honestly say it didn't stand out in any way compared to other high end builders. If anything left me feeling 'meh'.

Point being, please don't get wrapped up in thinking these are 'next level' and no one else can do what he does. Many can. Commission with one of them or buy used.


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And when you think about it, how many different model/style guitars does he build? Not many, which further begs the question...what does this guy do with his time???
In my searches for information, when I was still in the vortex, it appeared he was in college. Might be a different Ian A.


@Satoshi VERY disappointed you deleted the prior thread. There was a lot of heat put on there by many of us that I feel led you to probably receive your guitar sooner than @Ian Anderson would have liked.

We had your back and as soon as the guitar was delivered you bailed. Even if you weren’t pressured, do you really want to have others share the same frustrations you went through?

Not cool.

wtf @Satoshi ?
...did not realized he nuked his thread after all the support that was given

and leaves the next guy open to be fawked by this pos


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The 30 day check point is due this Thursday. Hopefully, I'll have good news on Thanksgiving, although I haven't seen any progress pics yet, which makes me nervous.


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October 2012 , I gave Ian Anderson a deposit [...] Fast forward, to Monday October 23rd 2017.


Hi Guys,
It seems like the last thread about Ian Anderson guitars got erased so, I thought I'd start my own.

I actually had an IA Standard I bought used. A really cool goldtop with a brazilian rosewood headstock. Amazing guitar, one of the best I've ever played. The neck was just wrong, it was a big D shape and had too much shoulder for my taste. So, Ian and I agreed it was best to build me a guitar..

October 2012 , I gave Ian Anderson a deposit to buy another person's place in line, As I remember it, that person had been waiting two years and if I bought that spot, I would have a 12-18 month wait..

Fast forward, to Monday October 23rd 2017.
After many conversations and multiple delays, Ian and I have come to an understanding that I will receive my guitar in 45 days (now 41 days) or I will receive my money back. Actually, the guitar will have everything but final polish done on November 23rd and It will be 100% finished on December 8.

I have rarely/possibly never talked about this guitar on TGP until a few days ago..
Here's hoping it all works out.

I'll keep you guys posted.


I was told 11/7/12 that my guitar would be going to finish next week!

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